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Tax Law

No matter what type of business owner you are, it’s important to have your taxes in line for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You’re going to be dealing with money coming from various places when you open your drug and alcohol treatment center, so it’s important that you have all of your taxes done properly in case you’re audited. There are lawyers who go to law school specifically to help businesses like your new drug and alcohol treatment facility with tax law. They’ll be there for you from the time you’re in the planning process throughout the life of your business. They’ll offer insight about the best practices when it comes to doing your taxes and how to avoid an audit.

The taxes that will be involved with your business can vary and include a variety of different sectors of the IRS, so it’s important that you have a lawyer who knows how to navigate through the system. A lawyer who specializes in tax law should be familiar with administrative, constitutional, contract, criminal equity, deed, restitution, public and property law. This way, when tax season comes around, you’ll have someone who is there with you to ensure that your business is not at risk or facing any type of liabilities.

In case you or your business is ever taken to court for a tax litigation, the lawyer will be there to help protect your rights and work hard to get you a favorable outcome. This can be extremely beneficial when you’ve had a lawyer working with you since the inception of your business as well. They’ll be able to easily get the documentation needed to prove to the IRS that your drug and alcohol treatment facility has been as compliant as possible with any type of state or federal tax laws.