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When you’re in the process of opening up a drug and alcohol rehab, you need a staff who is qualified to treat patients. Much like the accreditation that you need in order to run a drug and alcohol rehab that people can trust, it’s important that the staff has the proper licenses needed to treat your future clients. There are many places that say they can treat drug addicts and alcoholics, but they don’t have the licensing to back up their claims. Some clients go to these facilities and don’t receive the proper care, and this can put the business at risk should a client ever take the situation to court. 

With a lawyer by your side when you’re opening up a drug and alcohol rehab, you can be assured that he or she will ensure that you and your staff has the proper licensing.

Depending on which state you’re opening your drug and alcohol treatment center, the licensing and certification requirements may be different. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) helped each individual state create these guidelines, and the government organization did its best to help the licensing be uniform for each and every state, but there may be some variations, which is why it’s good to go over the guidelines with a lawyer.

The main type of licensing that your staff will need is the professional credential of Clinical Substance Use Disorder Counselor. There are also credentials available for advanced counselors as well as junior counselors. Those who are in training to become a counselor can also get a certification as a counselor in training. If you’d like more information about the specific licensing and certifications that you need in your state, you can find the information through the SAMSHA website as well as other websites.

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