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Business Structure

Your business model is essential to the foundation of your operations, to promote current initiatives as well as plan for future growth. When you’re operating or opening a drug and alcohol treatment center, a lawyer can help you with your business model and dividing equity amongst individuals who are involved with starting the company. From here, they’ll give you input on how this business model can help benefit your employees and provide them with job that makes them want to stay with your company. The business model is also very important if you’re planning on going to a bank or venture capitalist to help fund the startup of your business.

While you’re creating your business model, it’s important to know what type of services you’ll be providing at your drug and alcohol treatment center.

If you’re in the business of addiction recovery, you should do research to see who your competition is and how successful they are. For example, treatment centers that are using evidence-based therapy methods have a higher success rate of clients staying sober than treatment facilities that have therapy models that haven’t been proven by medical science to be effective. Deciding what type of therapies you’ll be providing can help you decide which type of therapists to hire and how the treatment structure will be organized.

Next, you need to think about how many levels of care you’ll be providing to your clients. A lawyer can help you look at your finances and gauge the risk of expanding your business at different periods of time. Large drug and alcohol treatment centers offer just about every level of care there is, but this requires a lot of staff. If you’re providing clients with a medical detox, you’ll need to have doctors and nurses on hand at all times. If you’re looking to maximize your length of stay from clients, you should think about creating an outpatient facility or sober living program for inpatient clients to transition to.