Accreditation for Addiction Treatment Centers

If you need help with accreditation requirements for your treatment center, is ready to help. Accreditation makes sure your facility has complied with all applicable state and federal laws.   Accredited rehab facilities are constantly monitored by outside agencies to make sure they follow the latest safety protocols. Being accredited certifies that the facility…


Zoning Laws for Addiction Treatment

  If you are planning to open a treatment center or are interesting in adding another site to your already successful rehab facility, you’ve probably run into issues with local zoning laws. The Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) phenomena is a serious problem in some communities.   Zoning laws affect all property types including residential,…

Is Your Center Is Facing Litigation For A Wrongful Death?

My Addiction Treatment Center Is Facing Litigation For Wrongful Death – What Should I Do?

When faced with wrongful death allegations, the first reaction is generally panic. If your addiction treatment facility doesn’t have a relationship with a lawyer experienced in this field already, that panic may be overwhelming. Obviously, the first objective after a wrongful death or negligence allegation of any kind is presented should be to gain the…