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About Treatment Attorneys

Creative Organizational Structure:

Our company continually improves through the combined energy and hard work performed by all of our Team Members. Equally powerful contributions from many different types of creative, analytical and business-minded individuals develop the intricate web that is the basis for our success.


Our company has given the opportunity for a diverse array of people to come together and express themselves and their own unique talents. We strive to create a work environment where motivated individuals can flourish, advance and succeed to their highest potential. Being part of a dynamic, high energy, fun, and optimistic team leads to a comradeship that is both inspiring to the team and to our clients.


We feel it is our responsibility to intentionally be active participants in our local communities. As part of a corporate society we happily work, serve and give back often to organizations throughout the year.

Relationship Oriented:

Our success is dependent upon the long lasting relationships we build and seek, so in demonstrating that we have structured our company to be extraordinarily service oriented. We recognize the importance of building relationships on trust, honesty and integrity, as our relationships are what represent the health of our business.


The fundamental practice of our company is based on the most current and relevant uses of technology. Incorporating an innovative and forward thinking methodology coupled with the latest programs and applications, ensures continues to be dynamic with the ever-changing nature of our industry.

Fiscally Responsible:

We recognize that profitability is essential to creating capital for growth, expansion, opportunities and jobs. In accordance with our values, character, and principles we will seek out, invest in and pursue all relevant opportunities to grow our company and the individuals that make it up.